Friday, July 10, 2020


What Is is the new  investment platform that has been swooning heads with its offer. They claim they can make you hourly profits.
Should you invest in this platform? Is this investment genuine or fraud? We hope to answer these questions. Meanwhile, always have it in mind that some blogs might try to convince you to invest in this platform. However, the truth is that they might not be concerned about your end, rather they are keen on their commission as an Affiliate partner.
So, take your time to go through this review. We bet you’ll find concrete reasons that will help you make a decision about this platform.


********NEWS********  Ethereum (ETH) is now accepted as a payment option for your one-time $2 fee    

It's Only $2 to start one-time in BTC or ETH
It's a 10×4 Matrix.  
You can upgrade if you want to by depositing more to complete the stages earlier.  All levels must be paid for so to purchase level 2 you must have paid for level 1 already and the same for the other 2 levels.
Plus it's so affordable.
Everyone gets in with just $2  
U need to get 10 People to complete the stage.  
You will earn $1 for each Person.  
TOTAL: $10 
KEEP: $5  
Everyone gets in with just $5 
Your 10 people will have got 10 each 
U have 100 People . And u will earn 2.50 for each members member who will join u on this stage.  
TOTAL: . $250 
KEEP: $200.  

Everyone gets in with just $50 
Your 100 people will have got 10 each 
U need 1000 to complete the stage.  
U will earn $25 Per Person. 
 You need to be in this level to earn
TOTAL: $25 000 
UPGRADE: $700 
KEEP: $24 300 
Everyone gets in with $700 
Your 1000 will have got 10 each 
You need 10 000 to complete the stage.  
Each Member will pay you $500 Each.  You need to be in this level to earn
TOTAL: $5 000 000 
You can have several accounts doing this each with a different Email and  
Username - Just add 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 and so on. 
Rinse and Repeat If required

To register and pay just $2 one-time click your inviters link and fill in username email and password - CHECK YOUR UPLINES NAME IS THERE and click Register. Login to your new account

Then click deposit and select Bitcoin or Ethereum. Copy sending address. Paste into your wallet. Make sure you have sent at least $2 After fees. Once you have 3 confirmations on your transaction Log back into your btc2dollar account and the system will automatically activate level 1.